Increasing demands for speed and efficiency in the face of greater complexity of modern SCM have given rise to the need for management and materials solution. Today, there are higher standards for successful project deliveries ;traditional success criteria have been broadened from cost, quality, and time (known as PM triangle) to include cost and right delivery this requires to make better decision to align materials, labour, and machinery based on the information available.

Information is recognized as a new element for CPM success; BIM (Building Information Modeling) is neither simply a virtual representative of a real project nor a static encapsulation for SCM. It provides dynamic decision-making information throughout a SCM lifecycle, meanwhile its encapsulated information synchronizes with construction practices ranging from design, execution, operation, maintenance, through to renovation.

We have taken BIM techniques to ensure arriving JIT to our client’s destination.


Founded in late 2013 in Tehran, Iran as an international supply chain management company expert in delivering significant value for whom seeking materials management solution. With a head quarter based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and as an association joint of Starlink Group we are more pioneer in spotting the right solution for our customer requirements, We have entails enormous capacity to function and access dominant and highest quality materials to supply and fulfill products for all our customers in different platforms such as Oil & Gas, Refineries, Industrial and Construction sectors as a turnkey solution. Our vast and vide range of products mandated us to deliver a unique package, fulfilling quality concerns and enhance the fast track deliveries considering an optimum cost. Our operation has been visibility attached to value management/engineering guidelines concentrating on customers business niche that enable us to move more advance and take bigger steps.

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ENGINEERING Serving a wide range of industries and construction projects worldwide, we blend diverse expertise with keen foresight to facilitate projects and mitigate construction risk. Whether you’re an owner, contractor, attorney, surety or other construction professional, we can assist you


Our dedicated team at Ardin Caspian, is ready to assist you in your inquiries 24/7. You may direct your inquiries to us using below form. 502 – No.232 – Adrian Tower – Yaser T-Junction – Niavaran Street – Tehran -Iran


Ardin Caspian Industrial Development PVJSC (ACID) gathers your entire need in a single unit strive to deliver the highest quality materials within a least possible cost with our most professional team by undertaking latest supply chain management techniques and having


Including a wide array of commercial and industrial products, and petrochemicals

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